Hire A Researcher


About Us

We are a network of experienced researchers who specialize in different areas. We are not all certified and make no claim to be. However we do have many years of experience in this field and we believe that our work will speak for itself.

Our Clients

We work on projects for all types of clients
– Those wanting to find their entire family tree
– Those with just a brick wall they need help with
– Those who just need translations
– Those who would like guidance so they can further their own research
– Those who do their own research but just don’t have the time to do the time consuming tasks like flipping page by page in church books to find a record.
– Those larger companies who are backlogged and need help

Our Process

We believe our work should speak for itself. We have a 3hr minimum for research and we let clients add more time if they are happy with our services.

Our Services

Translations (Starts at $30/hr, please request a quote)
— Research (Starts at $20/hr with a 3hr minimum. We can also negotiate based on the project size)
— Consultation (Based on the project)
— Document Retrieval (Based on the project)

Our Areas

— Czech Republic
— Denmark
— Germany
— Mexico
— Norway
— Poland
— Sweden
— Various other countries


Nothing in Genealogy is ever guaranteed and family stories are just that, stories, until they can be proven. Because of how time consuming research can be, our research fees are non-refundable. Keep in mind that we do our research based on the details and documents you give us. Once the research process begins, those family stories can start to unravel, this cannot be helped.