Tutorial: How to save images in the chrome browser (example 2)

Ever find a record for your ancestor and the save option on the website let’s you save just a small image? Here is a work around using the chrome browser to snag that original size image. This method may not work on all sites depending how the website is set up, but i will show other methods for some other sites that work also. Sometimes it just comes down to knowing the developer tools.

Below is another example of Method 1

So here we are on the Genealogia w Archiwach website, and you have found an image that you would like to save.

1) Click on the link in the center of your image, this will zoom in

1) In the top right corner of the Chrome browser, click the menu symbol with the 3 lines
2) Next you will select “more tools”
3) Then you will select “developer tools”

1) When the developer tools window opens, you will select the SOURCES tab
2) You will then click the arrow and expand the folder that begins with “loris” [this folder structure will vary for other websites depending how they are set up, so you may need to open a few folders to find the one that has the image in it]
3) You will then scroll down and click the arrow to expand the folder that begins with “full” [again this will vary from site to site]
4) You will click on each item until you find the one thats the image, in this case there was only 1 item
5) Once you click the item you want, you will see the image pop up in the viewing window, take note of the image information below it. You can see that this image is large, it’s 196kb in size, and it’s dimensions are 896×1422, so this tells me that i found the original size image.

1) You will right click on the image you see in the viewing window and select “open image in new tab”

1) Once your new tab has opened, you can right click the fullsize image and save it to your computer