Tutorial: Screen grab and stitching photos

Ever find a record for your ancestor and the save option on the website let’s you save just a small image? Here is a method for using “screenshots” and stitching them together. Forsome sites you will use the screenshot method while other sites you will right click and save portions of images.

We previously showed how to use the chrome browser to save an image, but that image ended up being only 896px wide, Below is another method for saving an image, this one will be 1195px wide and without all the blank areas from the scan.

Screen Grabs

So here we are again on the Genealogia w Archiwach website, and you have found an image that you would like to save.

1) Click on the link in the center of your image, this will zoom in

1) You will use the zoom tools on the top left to zoom in
2) You will want to zoom in enough so that your image fills the space between the arrows, don’t worry about the ugly box on the top right of the image

1) You will right click and save the image to your computer, perhaps name it “img 1” because you will need to do this multiple times

1) So now you have and image that is 1195px wide, and the reason we didn’t screenshot is because we did not want all the fluff on the page nor that ugly box on the top right.

1) You will now want to scroll down the image and save the next portion of it, keep doing this until you have all the portions you need. Remember to keep enough space to overlap your previous images you saved, this will help when stitching the images together.


1) In your image editor, you will want to find open areas in the images to “crop”, so usually i find paragraph breaks. this first image i will trim low (closer to the handwriting)

1) The second image i wil trim it higher (closer to the typed words), so that i have my overlap

1) In an image editor, you will place your pieces and overlap them so you have a nice clean final image.

1) Now you have a nice large image without all the fluff


If you have a Flip-Pal scanner or software like photostitcher, you will have a feature to auto stitch your images together